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"Say: 'travel in the land and see how he started the creation."..       The Holy Quran
Nowadays we encounter phenomena which have influenced and changed the lives of all people. One of these is traveling and tourism. Along with the scientific and industrial progress of man and the increasing benefits of the sources created, man’s tendency to travel for commercial, recreational, experience and knowledge gaining reasons has increased.
Islam also pays special attention to tourism and traveling and has many times referred to the aspects of cultural exchange and peaceful interactions arising from traveling among different ages, tribes and nationalities, and considers this industry as an effective factor in the collaboration of cultures, and establishing and strengthening friendship among nations. It also identifies it as a factor in improving international relations, community health and other economic, social, political, and area developmental interests.
The vast country of Iran, which dates back to many thousand years ago, is among the first eight countries in the world for its historical and cultural monuments, according to UNESCO Global Organization; and is among the first five countries in the world for its eco-tourism attractions and climate diversity. Therefore it is known as one of the main targets of “Halal Tourism” in the world.
“Laleh International Hotel Group” is derived from the name of the        five-star international hotel in Tehran, and is affiliated with Iran Tourism Development Co., which was established in 1970 by putting Tehran Laleh International Hotel into operation, and gradually developed into a coherent chain group during the -70s and -80s, in the form of five hotels and a hydrotherapy complex in different cities of Iran.
The outcome of activities of this hotel group has led to a chain of distinguished and outstanding hotels with the aim of promoting customer services, and reviving the capacities and potentials of Iran Tourism.
“Laleh International Hotel Group” has been able to acheive a special position in the tourism industry, especially in “Halal Tourism”, inside and outside the country with the existence of these six best hotels in Iran.
By serving Halal foods, paying attention to prayer times, equipping all rooms with the Holy Quran and prayer books, broadcasting religious programs, prohibiting unlawful deeds according to Islam, and creating separate sections for men and women in sports and recreational areas such as the Hydrotherapy complex, swimming pool, gym etc., “Laleh International Hotel Group” is known as an outstanding and successful brand in Halal tourism and hospitality, and is considered as a criterion in promoting Islamic-Iranian art and culture in the form of the ancient tradition of hospitality.

Laleh International Hotel
This hotel is located in the center of Tehran beside the big Laleh Park, with pleasant air, short distance to commercial centers, easy access to highways, and a beautiful view of Alborz and Damavand Mountains and a great expanse of the city.
Laleh International Hotel is built in thirteen stories, and has 380 double rooms, twin rooms and connected ones, ordinary, Royal and Imperial Suites with all facilities, grand conference halls and banquet halls with different capacities.
Among the other specialties of this hotel, the Iranian, French, and Chinese restaurants can be mentioned, which enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere with a combination of art and beauty accompanied with live music and different Iranian, European and Eastern-Asian cuisines which create unforgettable moments and beautiful memories in the minds of our dear guests.
The availability of commercial centers and different recreational and sports facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, dry and steam sauna with massage, a gym, a billiard hall, a coffee shop, a barber shop and other facilities with a team of experienced staff are among the privileges of this five-star hotel.

Laleh Rocky Hotel
Five-star Boutique Hotel
Laleh Rocky Hotel in Kandovan is the third rocky hotel in the world and one of the nine extraordinary hotels throughout the world, which is located at a 60 kilometer distance from the city of Tabriz in a green and beautiful valley near the village of Kandovan.
This hotel has the capacity of 120 guests, and has ordinary rooms, rooms with Jacuzzi, and Royal and Imperial Suites with a natural and exclusive design. The beautiful and unique rocky restaurant, the tranquil coffee shop and the only rocky conference room in the world, along with the most equipped ventilation systems and other amenities, have created the conditions for the presence of domestic and foreign tourists in the best way.
As this hotel has been built observing natural rocky architectural principles, it provides a new and pleasant experience to tourists during their stay. The historical village of Kandovan, as well as being situated in the area of environmental protection in the midst of the beautiful wildlife, clean and pleasant air, a wonderful perspective of the green nature and the precious mineral water have added to the attractions of the only rocky hotel in Iran.
Laleh Four-star Hotel
Four-star Resort Hotel
This hotel is situated in one of the most southern parts of Iran on the beautiful coast of Oman Sea. Its 38 rooms and beautiful suites, conference halls and restaurant, swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi with other facilities, being beside Chabahar Free Zone and the commercial and economic potentials, provide pleasant memories to visiting guests.
The beautiful coast of Oman Sea which leads to the ocean and the existence of the untouched and lovely natural tourism areas such as Lipar Pond, Hara Forest, the rocky coast, Bahu Kalat River, Chabahar mud volcanoes, Mars-like mountains, the historical port of Tis, and other recreational facilities and commercial centers near Chabahar International Hotel, have increased the attractions of the hotel.
Laleh Resort Hotel
Five-star Boutique Hotel
This resort hotel is located at an approximate 30 kilometer distance in the eastern part of Kermanshah, on the path of the old road from Kermanshah to Hamedan, on the hillside of Bistoon Mountain, opposite the historical monument of “Faratash inscription” (Farhad Tarash), in the center of the worldwide known Bistoon area.
This historical monument, with an area of 6000 square meters, a four-porch form, and the capacity of 100 guests, has a total of 20 standard rooms, Royal and Imperial Suites with traditional design arising from the architecture of the Safavid period. 24-hour room service, a relaxing coffee-shop, a traditional restaurant with Iranian and Foreign cuisines, a summer restaurant, cooler and heater equipped systems, advanced protection and surveillance systems and welfare amenities, have created great conditions for the presence of domestic and foreign guests.
Conference rooms for different ceremonies, live music in the hotel, local handicrafts permanent shops and exhibitions, shops providing mountain climbing accessories, being in the worldwide known area of Bistoon beside the mountainous nature are the tourism attractions of Bistoon Laleh Hotel.

Laleh Resort &Spa
This resort lies at a 23 kilometer distance from Ardabil, in Sar-ein; an area of beautiful green nature, with 100 modern and equipped rooms and suites, conference halls, traditional restaurants, and other facilities and is ready to provide services to domestic and foreign tourists.
The historical attractions of Sar-ein, the performance of live music in the hotel, the beautiful nature, easy access to Sabalan Spa, access to the biggest Iranian Ski Piste, the hot and cold mineral waters in Sar-ein, and the local handicrafts of the area are considered the main tourism attractions of Sar-ein Laleh International Hotel.

Sabalan Spa
This complex has two separate parts for men and women and has the approximate capacity of 600 persons in each working shift. It is one of the most unique hot mineral water hydrotherapy units of its kind in Asia, built with many facilities near Laleh Hotel in Sar-ein, and shines like a gem in the city.
Among the facilities of this complex, three indoor pools, individual tubs, pressurized pools, dry and steam sauna, a medical room, massage therapy and physiotherapy facilities, beautiful green area, a big parking lot and sports shop in the complex, can be mentioned.
Endeavors in obtaining guest satisfaction and their mental and physical health are goals of this complex.
“Laleh International Hotel Group” tries hard to provide high quality services to ensure the satisfaction of its guests, and in this regard it is committed to move toward issues such as the quantitative development of recreational and hospitality capacities, the increase of units, constant progress and the quantitative and qualitative development of services, promoting the level of human resources through continuous training and close monitoring, observing the rules and regulations and making good use of the standards recognized by the tourism industry.
Laleh International Hotel Group remains beside you in creating sweet memories and unforgettable moments during your trip

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